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Elementary Cucumber Salad


  • fresh cucumbers - 4 pcs .;
  • lime - 1 pc .;
  • sea ​​salt to taste.

  1. Remove peel from cucumbers, better peeler, so as not to cut off the excess. Cut as you like.
  2. Squeeze lime juice into a separate container, pour it into cucumbers through a sieve or gauze.
  3. Mix cucumber slices very gently, close the container and put in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour. Salt immediately before eating.
It will turn out six portions of the dish from the "easier is not." Each has 23 kcal, 2,! g of protein, 5 in carbohydrates and not a single gram of fat.

Watch the video: How to Make Cucumber Lime Water (January 2020).