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Swiss sugar substitute Rio Gold: the benefits and harm, reviews of doctors and consumers

The desire to get a delicious figure requires a hard count of calories. But not everyone can get rid of the habit of drinking sugary drinks.

In this case, the current market of dietary products offers all sorts of sugar substitutes. Rio Gold sweetener has a special consumer love.

Soluble tablets are able to preserve the usual sweetness of any drink. Rio Gold sweetener is used to reduce the caloric content of tea and any traditional dishes.

The composition of the sugar substitute Rio Gold

Sweetener is registered as dietary supplement. In composition is a synthetic product. Contains sodium cyclamate, saccharinate, sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid. A detailed study of the components of the additive confirmed the unfounded fears about the dangers of frequent use of Rio Gold.

Consider each ingredient separately:

  • sodium cyclamate. The additive is water-soluble, thermostable. Does not increase blood glucose levels. At the moment it is considered absolutely safe for humans. Included in other sweeteners. There is information that cyclamate increases the risk of developing malignant bladder damage in rodents, but epidemiological indications so far refute the likelihood of such a risk in humans;
  • sodium saccharinate. Artificial product is not absorbed by the body, is used by patients suffering from diabetes. The additive is thermostable, combined with other substances;
  • baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate is used in cooking. For people with good digestion, the component is absolutely safe. In the case of individual intolerance to the substance, it is better not to use the Rio Gold sweetener;
  • wine acid. A crystalline compound, odorless, but with a very sour taste. An antioxidant. Contained in natural juices.

The benefits and harms of sugar substitute Rio Gold

A huge advantage of table sweetener is the fact that the product contains no genetically modified components.

The main beneficial property of the supplement is expressed by zero calorie content and the absence of its effect on the quantitative composition of glucose in the blood..

The product is resistant to heat treatment, long stored. The minus of the gold substitute, as well as other sweeteners of artificial origin, lies in its ability to increase the appetite, which hinders the process of weight loss.

The sweet taste irritates the sensitive cells of the oral cavity. The body is waiting for glucose. Its absence causes overeating due to an increase in the volume of food and its frequent intake. Some consumers note the presence in the food of a specific synthetic taste.

The first substances replacing sucrose, became known at the beginning of the last century. But the beneficial and harmful qualities of sweeteners are still the subject of intense controversy.

To declare the harmfulness of the substitute is possible only on the basis of practical evidence. They are not yet. But this does not mean that the additives are absolutely safe, since serious studies have not yet been conducted.

Rules of use

Sweetener is used based on personal preference. One tablet means a teaspoon of regular sugar.

When calculating the daily allowable dosage take into account that many industrial products already contain some of the components of the drug. These include:

  • fruit yogurts;
  • powders for protein shakes;
  • energy sweets;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • low-calorie foods.

In order to avoid the development of side effects, it should be remembered that overdose threatens dyspeptic disorders or problems with the nervous system.

At the initial stage of use, a substitute is added at a minimum. This allows you to control the response of the body, reduces the likelihood of side effects.

The manufacturer suggests combining gold substitute with sour fruits or those vegetables that do not have a sweet taste, add soluble tablets to green tea.

A normal response to a substitute makes it possible to increase the amount of the drug to an acceptable rate. The maximum daily dose of the product - twenty tablets.

Can I use sweetener for diabetes?

Since the components of the product are not absorbed by the body, the sweetener is prescribed to diabetics of both the first and second type. Endocrinologists note that acceptable doses of Rio Gold are harmless to the patient.

Rio Gold Sweetener

In case of diabetes of the second type, the amount of used sweetener is agreed with the attending physician. The maximum effect is guaranteed while observing all the norms and peculiarities of use.

It is strictly forbidden to calculate dosages yourself. Such experiments end with undesirable consequences.

Each table sweetener diabetic must choose with care!


The sweetener is discarded in the following cases:

  • pregnancy. The additive is dangerous for the unborn child;
  • liver and kidney problems. Part of the components is not absorbed and creates an additional load on the excretory organs;
  • pathology of the digestive system. An acute or chronic form of gastritis and stomach ulcers is the reason why the use of the product is prohibited in order to avoid worsening of diseases;
  • personal intolerance of individual components. Some people suffer from allergic reactions to baking soda.

Shelf life and storage rules

The product is stored for 3 years in a dry cool place out of the reach of children. It is forbidden to expose the composition to chemical attack, leave it in the light, mix it with artificial analogs.

A change in color, texture or odor, too slow dissolution in warm beverages requires the utilization of the sweetener.


Many synthetic supplements have a similar therapeutic effect. These include:

  • aspartame. Artificial product has a very sweet taste. It is used in a minimum amount. Substance loses its properties when heated;
  • sucralose. The product is thermostable, safe for the body, but has a high cost;
  • acesulfame potassium. Synthetic additive is much sweeter than sugar, is not absorbed by the body. Thermostable, suitable for baking.

Price and where to buy

You can order sweetener online. The consumer goods market has a huge experience in delivering products to both wholesale and retail customers.

The functionality of today's online pharmacies allows you to make a purchase in one click, which significantly saves the consumer time.

The price of Rio Gold depends on the packaging of the goods. The product is characterized by low cost.

Reviews of doctors and consumers

Sweetener Rio Gold is a fundamental part of any low-calorie diet.

Opinions of doctors in relation to the substitute are contradictory.

Some representatives of medicine strongly recommend the use of the product, while others treat it with caution and advise to minimize the soluble tablets in the diet.

As for the reviews of the consumers themselves, Rio Gold deserved positive comments. In a small number there are complaints that the product changes the taste of coffee or tea.

However, people with diabetes use a sweetener and are happy with the result. So, with a reasonable use of the recommended doses, the useful effect from the use of sweetener exceeds its disapproving qualities.

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It perfectly reduces the calorie content of the food eaten and is considered the most high-quality and popular product. In addition, Rio Gold - an ideal find for diabetic nutrition and prevention of this disease.

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