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How to use the drug Strix Forte?

Screens of personal computers and mobile phones have taken a strong place in human life. The time of work and leisure time spent in front of monitors reaches 10-12 hours per day. To help the eyes cope with visual fatigue caused by workloads, pharmaceutical companies began to produce complexes that included vitamins and minerals. One of these drugs - Strix Forte.



Forms of release and composition

Vitamin and mineral complex is produced in a package containing 30 tablets of dark purple color. This amount is designed for 15-30 days of admission. The mass of each tablet, film-coated, is 0.5 g. In addition, they produce chewable tablets weighing 0.75 g.

One of the drugs created to combat visual fatigue is Strix Forte.

The drug contains active ingredients:

  • bilberry fruit extract;
  • lutein;
  • alpha tocopherol - vitamin E;
  • retinol, or vitamin A;
  • zinc oxide;
  • selenium.

Auxiliary ingredients: MCC, corn starch, magnesium stearate, calcium phosphate, gelatin, etc.

Vitamin and mineral complex is produced in a package containing 30 tablets of dark purple color.

pharmachologic effect

This drug is a biologically active food supplement.

Reception of dietary supplements is accompanied by antioxidant, angioprotective and regenerating effects on the body.

Pharmacodynamics of the main components included in the vitamin-mineral complex:

  1. Bilberry extract is a source of anthocyanosides, substances that prevent lipid peroxidation and slow down the aging of the body. The structure of anthocyanosides has a structure that allows them to enter the smallest vessels of the bloodstream in unchanged form.
  2. Lutein - prevents macular degeneration, improving blood flow in the eye vessels and stimulating regenerative processes.
  3. Vitamin A (beta-carotene) - is involved in the synthesis of rod pigment rhodopsin, which improves the adaptation of vision to the dark, preventing the development of hemeralopia.
  4. Vitamin E and selenium protect the eye tissue from the action of free radicals and slow down aging.
  5. Zinc - used as a means of preventing cataracts.

Zinc, which is part of the drug, is used as a means of preventing cataracts.


When taken orally, there is a rapid and complete absorption of substances that are part of the complex. Beta-carotene enters the active form of vitamin A, which, in turn, enters the organs and tissues after binding to the transport protein. The kidneys and the hepatobiliary system are involved in the removal of the drug.

Indications for use

The purpose of the complex is recommended for conditions:

  • computer visual syndrome;
  • corneal conjunctival xerosis, or dry eye syndrome;
  • treatment of primary glaucoma;
  • Prevention and treatment of cataracts with the onset of early symptoms;
  • primary excess stress and spasm of accommodation;
  • myopia 1-3 degrees, in t. h. and complicated;
  • astigmatism;
  • degenerative age-related changes in the retinal macular area;
  • diabetic retinopathy;
  • postoperative complex therapy.
The purpose of the complex is recommended for computer visual syndrome.
The purpose of the complex is recommended for the treatment of primary glaucoma.
The purpose of the complex is recommended for astigmatism.
The purpose of the complex is recommended for cataracts in the early stages.


Not recommended in the following cases:

  • intolerance to the components of dietary supplements;
  • due to the lack of clinical trials in the age category up to 7 years.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

It is not recommended to drink the drug during the period of gestation of the child and during breastfeeding, since the influence of its components on the fetus and infants has not been studied.

How to take striks forte

The instructions for the drug are prescribed frequency and duration of its reception.

For adults

It is recommended to drink 2 tablets per day, combining with a meal. Drink plenty of pills with a glass of any liquid. Depending on the pathology at which the supplement is prescribed, the reception can stretch up to 2-3 months.

It is recommended to drink 2 tablets per day, combining with a meal.

Appointment striks forte children

Therapy with a vitamin-mineral complex is allowed only for children from 7 years old: 1 tablet per day, during meals. The duration of the therapeutic course is determined by an ophthalmologist after an in-person consultation.

In children, the treatment of the complex specially developed for young patients is the Strix Kids.

Taking the drug in diabetes

Retinopathy is a complication of diabetes mellitus, in which the integrity of the vascular wall is disturbed, and puffiness and hemorrhages occur in the retina. The components of the drug, possessing regenerating and angioprotective properties, prevent the emergence of new areas of retinal hemorrhages and edema.

Side effects

Allergic reactions may develop with hypersensitivity to one or several ingredients of the vitamin-mineral complex.

Allergic reactions may develop with hypersensitivity to one or several ingredients of the vitamin-mineral complex.

First aid - the abolition of the drug and taking desensitizing drugs.

special instructions

The drug is not a drug. It is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist before starting the reception.

Compatibility with alcohol

There is no data on the interaction of the components of dietary supplements with ethanol.

Influence on ability to operate mechanisms

The drug does not adversely affect the ability to control moving machinery and vehicles.

The drug does not adversely affect the ability to control moving machinery and vehicles.


Cases of drug overdose are not registered.

Interaction with other drugs

There is no information about the effect on the body of the combined intake of dietary supplements with drugs of other groups.


Vitamin-mineral complexes with a similar composition:

  1. Strix and Strix Kids.
  2. Rumps with blueberries.
  3. Focus.
  4. Bilberry forte evalar.
  5. Visivit.
  6. Mytilene Forte.
  7. Doppelgerts Active.
  8. Lutein complex, etc.

Bilberry Forte - one of the analogues of the drug.

Pharmacy vacation terms

Over-the-counter drug.

Strix Price Forte

The minimum cost of a complex of vitamins in Moscow is 558 rubles.

Price maximum - 923 rubles.

Drug storage conditions

Store at an upper temperature limit of 25 ° C, in a dry and out of reach of children.

Shelf life

Depends on the dosage form of the drug: 18 months - 3 years.

Vitamins, drops, eye massage
Dietary supplement Blueberry Forte, instructions for use

Strix Forte Reviews

On specialized sites you can find reviews of specialists and patients who took dietary supplements.


Margarita Petrovna, ophthalmologist, Elista: “Treatment with vitamins Strix is ​​effective with eye fatigue, which often worries office workers, teachers and doctors. But patients, buying a package of vitamins, often do not even complete the prescribed course. Armed with negative experiences and running to write negative reviews.

The problem is not that the drug, for which you have to pay a considerable amount, turns out to be a dummy. Striks is effective, like many drugs of this pharmacological group. But this is not a panacea that can give the blind an insight. The vitamin complex stops the progression of myopia and cataracts. Strengthens blood vessels, preventing the transition of the first stage of retinopathy in the second. However, the tool cannot start the reverse process. "

The vitamin complex stops the progression of myopia and cataracts.

Of patients

Veronika, 25 years old, Moscow: "I drink Strikes every six months. I first learned about the drug from my sister: she takes it in combination with other drops and tablets. Combining several products gives a good result, but self-administration of the complex does not bring much benefit to my eyesight. By the same cost of vitamins in pharmacies of the city can reach up to 900 rubles. I would like at this price to get a product that works. "

Peter, 24, Moscow: “Much has been said about the benefits of blueberries for the eyes, but in order to fill the amount of nutrients contained in this berry, you need to eat it in buckets. The daily dose of such substances is contained in the Strix tablet. In addition, the drug includes lutein, vitamins A, E and elements necessary for healthy eyes.

I spend preventive courses once a year, as recommended by an optometrist. I notice the effect a week after the start of the reception, especially when combined with gymnastics for the eyes. I do not observe any side effects: I am not prone to allergic reactions. I recommend those who read a lot, often sitting at a computer for a long time and for the first time faced eye problems. "

Marina, 35 years old, Nizhny Novgorod: “The drug began to be drunk as prescribed by an oculist in combination with Picamilon. The course of therapy lasted 2 months. At the end of treatment, she noted a decrease in eye fatigue by the evening, the disappearance of pain during the rotation of the eyeballs. Particularly pleased that the sensation was gone dry eyes, accompanied by reddening of the tunica

Valentina Sergeevna, 63 years old, Astrakhan: “After the operation to replace the lens, the doctor prescribed a two-week course of regenerating ointment and recommended to drink Strix vitamins for two months. Having diligently followed the doctor’s instructions, I not only got clear vision with new lenses, but also got rid of the problems dryness and redness of the eyes that have bothered over the past 4 years. "

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