Diabetes Diet

Should I include pasta in the diabetic diet?

Many nutritionists do not recommend consuming pasta in large quantities, because they gradually lead to obesity, but the fiber in their composition, on the contrary, is useful for losing weight.

Pasta - not the most necessary product of the diet.
Different pasta from durum wheat on the label "Pasta Group A, Class 1" on the package. Specifically, this kind of pasta is useful to eat even patients with diabetes, because the product is rich in minerals and vitamins, necessary for the body weakened by the disease.

How do macaroni affect the body?

For a diabetic in the first group, the product is not very dangerous. With proper preparation and moderate consumption of pasta are considered even useful.
It is important to remember to compensate for glucose spikes from fiber with regular, sufficient injection insulin.

A tenth of the composition of pasta from durum wheat is vegetable proteins, the sources of the amino acid tryptophan. This amino acid is needed to produce serotonin (pleasure hormone). Also in the composition of this sort of pasta contains vitamins of group B, useful for the gastrointestinal tract, and vitamin E. The mineral composition of products is presented in the form of a combination of manganese, iron and potassium.
Diabetics of the second type of pasta dishes with sauces are prohibited!
Fiber-rich pasta stimulates the production of glucose, which can even lead to death. If you eat macaroni for diabetes, it is only during the hypoglycemic stage.

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How to make pasta with diabetes for the benefit of the body

When choosing pasta for diabetic should consider the following points:

  • the product must be made of durum wheat;
  • the composition should not be dyes and aromatic additives;
  • It is desirable to prefer special varieties made for patients with diabetes.

No pasta "In a fleet", because the stuffing for them to fry in harmful oil with the addition of sauces, dangerous stimulation of glucose production. For diabetics, they need to be prepared exclusively with healthy vegetables and fruits. As an option, add low-fat meat products and vegetable sauces without sugar.

A simple recipe for pasta for diabetics.

  • Three tablespoons of pasta boil in salted water without oil.
  • Put the finished products on a plate, sprinkle with greens and sprinkle with lemon juice.
  • This garnish fit cutlets steamed.

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In what quantities are there pasta for diabetes?

The grain unit, the main determinant of the admissibility of a product for a diabetic, contains 10-12 g of easily digestible carbohydrates. The more of them, the more dangerous the product and the higher it is able to raise the level of sugar in the blood.
3 tablespoons pasta = 2 XE
Three tablespoons of pasta, boiled without sauce and fat, are equal to two bread units (HE). It is precisely such a limit that can be called sufficient for consumption by a person with diabetes mellitus of the first type.

The glycemic index is another indicator of the benefits of a product. For pasta of various varieties, the average is 75 gi, not so little to abuse dishes with this flour component. The only exceptions are products from durum wheat, boiled without sugar and supplements that stimulate the production of glucose.

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Why you should not give up pasta for diabetes

The harm of pasta is different with their different preparation, but the benefits of the product are always the same.
  • Pasta made from flour of classic grinding, are deposited in the form of extra centimeters in problem areas. All this is because it is very difficult to decompose them into elements and remove the diabetic body unnecessary.
  • Pasta made from durum wheat is digested more slowly, which, in addition to the long-term feeling of satiety, gives a minimal jump in the level of sugar in the blood, making meals with them safe for the diabetic body.
For patients with diabetes of the first type, pasta is practically not dangerous, whereas with diabetes of the second type, the dish can lead to unpleasant consequences. Because diabetics are recommended to prefer pasta cereals, less dangerous in terms of the impact on the level of glucose in the blood.

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