Blood glucose meters

Reviews of blood glucose meters: which is better to buy the elderly and young

In diabetes mellitus of the first or second type, it is necessary to constantly monitor blood sugar levels. The diabetics are assisted in this by a special device called a blood glucose meter. You can buy such a meter today at any specialized store selling medical equipment or on the pages of online stores.

The price of a device for measuring blood sugar depends on the manufacturer, functionality and quality. Before choosing a blood glucose meter, it is recommended to read the testimonials of users who have already been able to buy this device and try it out in practice. You can also use a blood glucose meter rated in 2014 or 2015 to find the most accurate device.

Blood glucose meters can be divided into several main categories, depending on who will use it to measure blood sugar levels:

  • The device for elderly people with diabetes;
  • A device for young people diagnosed with diabetes;
  • The device for healthy people who want to monitor their health.

Blood glucose meters for the elderly

It is recommended that such patients buy a simpler and more reliable model of a device for measuring blood sugar.

When buying, you should choose a blood glucose meter with a sturdy case, wide screen, large characters and a minimum number of buttons to control. For older people more suitable devices that are of a convenient size, do not require entering the encoding using the buttons.

The price of the meter must be low, it does not necessarily have to have such functions as communication with a personal computer, the calculation of average indicators for a certain period.

In this case, you can use the device with a small amount of memory and low speed measurement of sugar in the blood of the patient.

Such devices include glucometers with positive feedback from users, such as:

  • Accu Check Mobile,
  • VanTach Select Simple,
  • Vehicle circuit,
  • VanTach Select.

Before you buy a device for measuring blood sugar levels, you need to study the features of test strips. It is recommended that you choose a blood glucose meter with large test strips so that older people can comfortably take their own blood measurements. You also need to pay attention to how easy it is to buy these strips in a pharmacy or a specialty store so that in the future there will be no problems with finding them.

  • The device Kontur TS is the first meter that does not require coding, so the user does not need to memorize a set of numbers every time, enter a code or install a chip in the device. Test strips can be used for six months after opening the package. This is a fairly accurate device, which is a huge plus.
  • The Accu Chek Mobile is the very first device that combines several functions at once. A test cassette of 50 divisions is used to measure blood sugar levels, therefore, no test strips are needed to measure glucose in the blood. Including the device is attached to the piercer, which is equipped with a very thin lancet, which allows you to make a puncture with just one touch. Additionally, the device kit includes a USB cable for connecting to a computer.
  • Glucometer VanTach Selekt is the most convenient and accurate device for measuring blood sugar, which has a convenient Russian-language menu and is able to report errors in Russian. The device has the function of adding marks about when the measurement was carried out - before or after a meal. This allows you to trace the state of the body and determine which products are of great benefit to diabetics.
  • Even more convenient device in which it is not required to enter the coding is the meter VanTach Select Simple. Test strips for this device have a preset code, so the user does not need to worry about checking the dialing of numbers. This device does not have a single button and is as simple as possible for older people.

Studying reviews, you need to focus on the basic functions possessed by the device for measuring blood sugar levels - this is the time of measurement, the amount of memory, calibration, coding.

The measurement time indicates the period in seconds during which the determination of blood glucose indicators from the time of the application of a drop of blood on the test strip occurs.

If the meter is used at home, it is not necessary to use the fastest device. After the instrument completes the study, a special beep will sound.

The amount of memory includes the amount of recent research the meter is able to memorize. The best option is 10-15 measurements.

Need to know about the concept of calibration. When measuring blood sugar in blood plasma, 12 percent should be deducted from the result obtained in order to obtain the desired result for whole blood.

All test strips have an individual code to which the device is configured. Depending on the model, this code can be entered manually or read from a special chip, which is very convenient for older people who do not have to memorize the code and enter it into the meter.

Today, there are several models of blood glucose meters without coding in the medical goods market, so users do not need to enter a code or install a chip. Such devices include devices for measuring blood sugar Kontur TS, VanTach Select Simple, DzhMate Mini, Akku Chek Mobile.

Blood glucose meters for young people

For young people aged 11 to 30 years, the most appropriate models are:

  • Accu Check Mobile,
  • Accu Chek Performance Nano,
  • Van Touch Ultra Easy,
  • EasyTouch GC.

Young people first and foremost emphasize the choice of a compact, convenient and modern device for measuring blood glucose values. All of these devices are capable of measuring blood in just a few seconds.

  • The EasyTouch GC device is suitable for those who wish to purchase a universal device for measuring blood sugar and cholesterol at home.
  • Accu Chek Perfoman Nano and GiMate devices require the smallest blood dosage, which is especially suitable for adolescent children.
  • The most advanced model is considered to be Van Touch Ultra Easy glucometers, which have different color variations of the case. For young people, to hide the fact of the disease, it is very important that the device resemble a modern device - a player or a flash drive.

Devices for healthy people

For people who do not have diabetes, but who need to regularly monitor the level of glucose in the blood, the Glucometer Van Tach Select Simple or Contour TC will suit.

  • For the device Van Tach Select Simple are sold test strips in a set of 25 pieces, which is convenient for rare use of the device.
  • The test strips of the TC circuit due to the fact that they do not have contact with oxygen can be stored for a sufficiently long period.
  • And he and the other device does not require coding.

When buying a device for measuring blood sugar, it is important to note that, as a rule, only 10-25 test strips, a piercing pen and 10 lancets for painless blood collection are included in the kit.

The test requires one test strip and one lancet. For this reason, it is advisable to immediately calculate how often blood measurements will be performed, and purchase sets of 50-100 test strips and the corresponding number of lancets. Lancets are desirable to purchase universal ones that are suitable for any model of the meter.

Blood glucose meter rating

To help diabetics determine which blood glucose meter is best for measuring blood sugar, there is a 2015 glucometer rating. It got the most comfortable and functional devices from well-known manufacturers.

The best portable device of 2015 is the One Touch Ultra Easy blood glucose meter from Johnson & Johnson, the price of which is 2,200 rubles. It is a convenient and compact device with a weight of only 35 g.

The most compact device in 2015 is considered to be Trueresult Twist blood glucose meter from the company Nipro. Only 0.5 µl of blood is required for analysis, the test results appear on the display already after four seconds.

Accu-Chek Active from Hoffmann la Roche was recognized as the best blood glucose meter in 2015, which can keep the information in memory after testing. The device can save up to 350 recent measurements with the time and date of the analysis. There is a convenient function to mark the results obtained before or after a meal.

The easiest device in 2015 is recognized as One Touch Select Cimple blood glucose meter from Johnson & Johnson. This handy and simple device is ideal for seniors or children.

The most convenient device in 2015 is the Accu-check Mobile device from the Hoffmann-la-Roche company. The meter works on a cassette basis with 50 test strips installed. Also in the body is mounted pen-piercer.

The most functional device in 2015 was recognized as the Accu-Chek Performa glucometer from Roche Diagnostics GmbH. It has an alarm function, reminders of the need for a test.

The most reliable device in 2015 is the TC Contour from Bayer Cons.Care AG. This device is simple and reliable.

The best mini-laboratory in 2015 was named Easytouch portable device from the company Bioptik. This device can simultaneously measure the level of glucose, cholesterol and hemoglobin in the blood.

The best system for controlling blood sugar in 2015 is the Diacont OK device from the company OK Biotech Co. When creating test strips, a special technology is used, which allows to obtain analysis results with virtually no error.

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