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Metabolic agent Mildronat in diabetes

Diabetes mellitus type 2 adversely affects the blood vessels and causes serious complications in the form of heart disease, which are at the top of all pathologies and are often fatal. Therefore, doctors around the world are paying close attention to preventive measures for these diseases.
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Diabetes Diet

Nutrition for type 2 diabetes so that sugar does not rise: menus and recipes

Nutrition in diabetes so that sugar does not rise means table No. 9, which is recommended in combination with physical activity, medication and other methods of conservative therapy. Diet number 9 in diabetes helps to improve the functionality of the pancreas, provides normalization of metabolic processes, which together leads to the stabilization of glucose indicators at the required level.
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Treatment and Prevention

How to quickly reduce blood sugar

Diabetes mellitus is a pathology of the endocrine apparatus, which requires constant correction of the glucose level in the body against the background of its high numbers. The reduction and maintenance of indicators at an acceptable level is the key to a high quality of life for patients and the prevention of the development of complications of a “sweet disease”. The article describes how to reduce blood sugar with medicines, diet therapy and folk remedies.
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Blood Sugar 29: Effects of Level 29.1 to 29.9

Blood sugar 29, what to do? A low carbohydrate diet, optimal physical activity, medications to normalize sugar, insulin therapy, as well as unconventional treatments can help reduce glucose levels. If the glucose concentration is 29 units, then this means a hyperglycemic state, as a result of which the functionality of all internal organs and systems in the human body is inhibited, the risk of complications increases.
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Norm of blood sugar during pregnancy

According to clinical studies, the glucose indicators in a woman during the child's pregnancy in most cases go beyond the allowable limits. A similar condition is associated with hormonal changes that are characteristic of this time. What is the norm of sugar in the blood of pregnant women, how to check it and what is necessary for the correction of the indicators, discussed below.
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